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All the info on the ambitious broker platform
Olymp Trade is known as the ideal broker both for professional traders with many years of experience, and for beginners, as it combines the best existing functions in the industry with an easy-to-use platform and a user-friendly interface, thus establishing a completely new level of quality of service.

To help newcomers there is the possibility of creating a demo account, which can be used simultaneously with a real one; few brokers offer this function. For the most experienced users, instead, there are numerous tools aimed at analyzing and improving the understanding of the market.

The original advantages we discovered in the platform are the mentorship of the trader during the course with free and in-depth trading lessons, analysis of the market with professional tools, and an incredibly efficient customer support service.

Small fees, big deals on Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is particularly convienient because of its low fees: the minimum deposit with which you can top up your account (not demo) is 10$, while the minimum amount necessary for trading is 1$. Plus, unlike most other brokers, in Olymp Trade you can use a demo account in parallel with a real one, passing from one to another with a special link. Every trader can experiment with 10,000 « demo-dollars » in order to safely develop his/her skills and to test trading strategies (the only difference between the demo account and the real one is that virtual funds can not be converted into real money, you need to make a real deposit to start real trading).

The welcome bonus reaches up to 50% on the first deposits, depending on the amount deposited; it is important to note, however, that the bonus can only be used for trading and it is not available for withdrawal (there are no withdrawal fees).

Olymp Trade offers various investment instruments. You can do forex trading with a wide range of currency combinations, commodities (silver and oil are also available), indices, individual securities and the bitcoin index, plus the classic « call/put » binary options, with an expiration time ranging from one minute to three hours.

There is the possibility of trading with stock indices and with a wide range of individual corporate securities, and, in addition to this, Olymp Trade also offers 24-hour trading in Bitcoin.

Security: check

A particular note on security: Olymptrade is regulated by the FRRMC (Financial Regulation Relations Center Center) reference number 0395AAVv0074, which guarantees the reliability of the trading platform and offers its customers advantages such as the resolution of legal disputes and the filing in case of brokers violations.

No app for Windows?

The only negative aspect we found is that, at the moment, there is no Olymp Trade app for Windows. Only standard mobile applications are available for Android and iOS, while a complete app for Windows has not been announced yet.

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