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Are you looking for the ideal broker to trade with? Whether you want to start from scratch or simply switch your current platform, we are here to help you with the list of our favourite brokers. In our opinion, the best platforms are free, they do not charge fees and do not have fixed costs. Obviously, they must always be authorized and regulated according to the current regulations, and let’s not forget about good welcome bonuses. The choice of the platform to operate with in the world of online trading is fundamental: a well choice means very high chances of obtaining good profits. We are ready to advise you the best around: the brokers we present have all been rigorously tested by our staff.

eToro wins the first place

Taking this broker to the fore is its unique and innovative functionality, the social trading. eToro is a very advanced trading platform, but also very simple to use and user-friendly. It is incredibly suitable for those who try their hand at online trading for the first time, thanks to the possibility for them to copy the best traders, the gurus, who make all their operations and investments available to other users. The new trader has to choose the guru to follow (he has the possibility to analyse users’ past returns to identify the one that guarantee the highest returns) and the platform follow automatically the guru’s actions. In this way everyone can immediately start earning money, even (and above all) those who know little about trading – but it is also possible to learn new strategies directly in the field. It is an impeccable broker from all points of view, reliable and safe. Without a doubt, it is the number one broker for the market segment it is aimed at. With eToro you can operate on forex, shares, commodity without limitations, simply and securely.


The broker preceded by his fame: from forex to raw materials, from shares to bitcoins, Markets.com allows you to operate easily and securely in each area. In addition to this, the broker stands out for its security, since it is considered one of the safest and most reliable brokers in the world and is authorized and regulated by CONSOB. This broker is suitable both for professional traders and those approaching the trading world for the first time, since it is very easy to use, but also very detailed and accurate. Furthermore, it is very convenient because spreads are always advantageous. But it is not enough: Markets.com also offers training courses within the platform itself, which will allow you to trade successfully. The courses are of various levels, not just for beginners source: investing). And, if you want to be part of a community that regularly organises meetings, with Markets.com you can do it: the platform organizes monthly meetings and trading sessions in various cities.

Ig Markets

IG Markets is one of the world’s leading online trading companies (wiki), often chosen for its completeness in analysis, indicators, investment plans and subscriptions. Active in 18 countries with a customer portfolio of over 135 thousand users, it is the broker preferred by large companies or more experienced traders. Present for more than 40 years in financial trading, IG is also authorized and regulated by the FCA and Consob, thus guaranteeing its customers the best standards of safety and protection. And like any prestigious platform, IG also guarantees its customers a wide range of different financial instruments with very competitive commissions.


FXCM (wiki) is another very famous broker, one of the most used by experienced and professional traders in the online trading landscape. Its strengths are certainly the graphics: it has a specialized software that can be set on different timeframe, ranging from minute to monthly, that is also easily customizable. Each user has the possibility to set levels, supports and resistances, trends and a wide range of indicators and oscillators. There are additional work tools, such as the rectangle and circle tools, to highlight particular areas of the price and labels to write down anything that you may want to write on the chart.

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My experience with eToro

FX broker's reviews

An innovative platform we heard so much about

eToro is a trading platform that I casually found: an expert trader in the sector mentioned it to me to a meeting, teasing my curiosity and talking about it in a positive way. I felt the need to try it and then say my opinion: here we are, after a test of about 3 weeks. I have to admit that I discovered an innovative tool, new in the world of online platforms: eToro is the first platform that offers « social » trading.


Don’t you know what we’re talking about? I’ll explain you quickly what social trading is all about.
eToro, through a social platform like the ones you’re used to (Facebook, Twitter, Wiki …? I know you know them) connects hundreds of traders from all over the world, allowing them to discuss strategies or profitable investments, and promoting the exchange of valuable information from user to user. The revenue? Substantial profits thanks to the collective experience.
So it’s just a social? No, the real news of the platform is to allow users to analyze the « chronology » of the moves of other members: you can analyze the moves of other traders, study their investments, check the portfolios of the most famous traders but, above all, you can copy them.

Here’s the news: the introduction of the « CopyTrader ™ » function, with which you can perfectly copy the movements of another trader’s wallet: the investments of the « lazy » ones (or inexperienced) who use CopyTrader, will automatically follow those of the trader chosen to be copied, step by step, gain after gain. At this point – obviously – it’s up to you to choose the user with the best strategies and, with almost 5 million subscribers, the choice is very wide.


Personally, I was very amazed by this feature. I immediately went to peek expert traders that I know, to analyze their strategies and evaluate whether to copy them or not. I must say that at the beginning I was very doubtful about the privacy factor: every investment made is public and can be copied. It is beneficial to others, but I did not know whether to accept it. However, by imitating the most experienced, all users are able to get a good profit.
Operating in full autonomy – yes, it is possible, let’s not forget that eToro is a broker platform on the same line as the others – you immediately notice that the interface is simple and intuitive, it takes very little to become familiar.
My goal for now is to become a Popular Investors, one of the most important and most followed members of this social trading platform. Certainly this competition pushes you to improve.

User-friendly platform.

A positive note of eToro is also its reliability: not only is the platform easy to use, but it also has a strict regulation and constant control of the developers. The social sector itself is a very informal and friendly environment, full of interesting and expert personalities, and moderated with criteria: I found it a very pleasant social environment. It is also possible to discuss in real time the market trend and the best strategies, thanks to the purely communicative functions developed by the platform to facilitate interactions between traders.

The overall judgment on this platform is definitely positive. Today I choose the eToro broker platform.

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