County Council of Uppsala (Sweden)

County Council of Uppsala

Uppsala Läns Landsting is an organisation responsible for healthcare in the area of the county. It is an organisation managed by politicians. The County Council has about 11.000 employees. Most of them work within healthcare. The population of County of Uppsala is about 336.000 inhabitants.

  • Primary healthcare: Primary healthcare can be described as the front line’s healthcare, and the organisation serves the hole area. Care is given by 150 GP’s, 100 district nurses, midwives, physiotherapists etc. About 40% percent of the organisation consists of private contractors and the rest is run by the public body CCU.

  • Hospitals: There are two hospitals in the area – one of the hospitals work with geriatric care, one hospital with care for the residents of Enköping and Håbo municipalities and one hospital – Akademiska sjukhuset (University hospital of Uppsala) – serves the whole area with general care, specialist care and specialist care for a larger area in Sweden.