EHTEL (Belgium)

EHTEL serves and convenes a growing membership of more than 50 organisations that come from various viewpoints but united in their interest to make eHealth work. By collecting and distilling their voices through work groups and publications, EHTEL amplifies the constituency for eHealth in the European arena.  We also facilitate the sharing of experience with colleagues and representatives across Europe and beyond.

EHTEL takes an holistic view of eHealth.  The organisation collaborates closely with European Associations representing Hospitals (HOPE and EHMA), Health Insurers (AIM), Physicians (CPME, UEMS), Pharmacists (PGEU, EAHP), Nurses (EFN), patient and citizens (AGE, European Patients’ Forum), as well as with professional associations dedicated to the quality and certification of care processes and eHealth services (ESQH, EuroRec).

The multitude of backgrounds and interests of these stakeholders enable EHTEL, as a neutral forum, to draw a more complete picture of the benefits and challenges of the deployment of ICT in the fields of health and social care, thereby also identifying topics requiring particular attention and further developments at European level.

Within the SUSTAINS project, EHTEL is responsible for ensuring that the activities of the various partners are given the highest visibility. It does this through:

  • Managing and co-ordinating the project’s Dissemination Work Package

  • Identifying and analysing stakeholder groups;

  • Elaborating a targeted dissemination strategy by stakeholder group in terms of messages and communication channels;

  • Identifying events in which to present the Project;

  • Producing articles and newsletters to be published in the specialised and general press.

  • Designing and producing information leaflets

  • Organising workshops and conferences to promote SUSTAINS activities

  • Liaising with other EU project consortia, notably the PALANTE project.

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