E-Trikala (Greece)

Since 2004, the e-trikala office, in cooperation with and in the line of the operational program “The Information Society” is acting in the fields of new broadband technologies, successfully implementing municipal projects. On the 8th of April, 2008, having the required experience, it was transformed into e-Trikala S.A., an emerging company, formed within the Municipality of Trikala. The Municipality is the basic stakeholder owning 99% while the rest 1% is owned by the local Chambers of Commerce.
By creating infrastructure and by providing services, e-Trikala continuously aims to the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based applications, oriented to the improvement of all citizens’ everyday life, in a medium sized city, simplifying public transactions, reducing telecommunication costs and delivering new services related to the local way of life. Moreover, these ICT applications offer new ways and methods that enable citizens participate on policy-making, while in parallel establish local Government and Public Authorities as guarantors of local society’s every day proper, digital and distanced operation.

e-Trikala S.A. operates upon a fully integrated basis while, as the First Digital City in Greece (proclaimed in 2004 by the Minister of Economics, Mr. Folias), it establishes high technological and broadband National standards by using and offering its “know-how” to
other municipalities within Greece. Some of the ICT services that run by e-Trikala include:

  • e-Government System for Citizens — This service includes a portal that provides digital public services via web or phone.

  • MAN — A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) has been designed, which is installed in the area of the city of Trikala combined with a fibre-optic telecommunications network. The network initially links buildings hosting public authorities, and in the future will connect individuals and enterprises.

  • Intelligent transportation — An intelligent transportation system has been implemented for the provision of better public transportation services.

  • e-Dimosthenis system for managing the municipality’s everyday functional issues and complaints from citizens — Though this platform various integrated services are offered to citizens by phone or internet with a single entry point.

e-Trikala is the leading partner of ‘CitiesNet’ (Digital Cities of Central Greece), which is constituted by the 11 main Municipalities of Central Greece, most of them (all but N. Ionia) representing the capital of each one of the 11 Prefectures in Greece and belonging to five counties. Namely, the 11 Municipalities are: the Municipality of Volos, Veria, Grevena, Ioannina, Karditsa, Katerini, Kozani, Lamia, Larissa, Nea Ionia Magnisias and Trikala.