Events Featuring the SUSTAINS Project

SUSTAINS Final Workshop 9 October 2014, Brussels

The SUSTAINS Final Workshop was positioned as one event of the 12th European Week of Regions and Cities - OPEN DAYS 2014 - which took place in Brussels from 6 - 9 October 2014. The OPEN DAYS were the landmark event on EU Regional Policy with approx. 6,000 participants gathering to debate, exchange know-how and network. The 2014 slogan was "Growing together – Smart investment for people"

To fulfil the criteria of the Open Days organisers, four partners from within the SUSTAINS consortium (County Council of Uppsala, South Karelia - Eksote, Region of Southern Denmark and Norrbotten County Council) joined forces with Campania Region (Italy) and A Coruña (Galicia - Spain) - both being EHTEL members - to form the "Patients' new touch on Healthcare" Regional Partnership.

The six regions hosted the workshop "Patients' new touch on Healthcare: Meeting the Digital Agenda 2020 by online access to health records and interactive health services" on Thursday, 9 October 2014, at the Thon Hotel EU,in Brussels.

The event was well attended with introductions from the project co-ordinators, updates from the various Regions together with an overview from patient representatives. A lively question and answer session followed.

Given below are links to videos of the various presentations and the Q&A session.

  Introduction to the SUSTAINS Final Conference with Raniero Chelli and Benny Eklund

  Heli Laarmann, Project Manager from the Estonian eHealth Foundation presents the experience from that Country

  Katja Rääpysjärvi of Eksote, presents the experience from Finland

  Walter Atzori from the European Patient Forum, presents thoughts and views from the patient perspective

  Questions and Answers

SUSTAINS Features at the eHealth Forum, Athens, May 2014

The SUSTAINS Project is introduced by Dr Stephan Schug, Chief Medical Officer of EHTEL as part of Speakers’ Corner, eHealth Forum, Athens

Dr Stephan Schug Describes the SUSTAINS Project in Athens

As part of his presentation, Dr Schug explained that in addition to its co-operation with the eHGI Briefing Paper (See Project Activity and Media), the SUSTAINS Project, sponsored by the European Commission, is recording success in its work to provide patients with access to their personal health records and other online services. Eleven Regions from across the European Union are participating in a joint learning initiative as they introduce patient access to various services within various Member States. The aim is to investigate different approaches to implementing such services and to identify lessons learned for other healthcare organizations seeking to undertake such work in the future.

Driving the work is the recognition that as people live longer, chronic diseases become more prevalent and medications and treatments more expensive, radical solutions will be required to ensure that future healthcare delivery is sustainable. By putting the patient more closely in touch with the management of their own healthcare, the aim is to improve awareness and engagement leading to more effective and efficient healthcare delivery including healthier lifestyles.

The work of SUSTAINS supports the objectives of the EU Digital Agenda 2020 specifically Action 75 of the eHealth Action Plan namely to “give Europeans secure online access to their medical health data and achieve widespread telemedicine deployment”.

The SUSTAINS and PALANTE Projects Co-operate With Joint Mid-Term Conferences

Marco d'Angelantonio describes the origins and aspirations of the SUSTAINS Project
2 December 2013
The SUSTAINS Project Hosts Its Mid-Term Conference With Invited Guests From PALANTE

The SUSTAINS Project held its Mid-Term Conference as a Satellite Session within the EHTEL Annual Symposium in Brussels on 2 December 2013. The event was very well attended with representatives from both projects and a very full audience of interested eHealth experts from across Europe.

The Title of the Event was , “Citizens and Patients in the Driving Seat” and featured a series of presentations from eminent speakers involved with projects and pilots involving services for the empowerment of patients. The underlying theme was how to manifest Key Action 13/1 of the Digital Agenda for Europe ie providing patients with online access to the electronic health record (EHR).

The event began with a session entitled, Interactive Healthcare Systems and Patient Empowerment. This featured two presentations: one from Marco d’Angelantonio of HIMS SA describing the SUSTAINS approach to citizen and patient empowerment while Juan Lara from Servicio Andaluz de Salud, Seville described the PALANTE approach to empowering chronically ill persons.

Chairing a session on “Online Services in Routine Healthcare: Use cases and lessons learned” SUSTAINS Operational Co-ordinator, Raniero Chelli from HIM SA introduced a series of presentations from:

Leif Lyttkens, SUSTAINS, County of Uppsala, Sweden
Heli Laarmann, SUSTAINS, Estonian eHealth Foundation,Tallinn, Estonia
Iraitz Manterola, SUSTAINS, Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain
Marco Decandia Brocca, PALANTE, Lombardia Informatica, Milano, Italy

The Mid-Term event concluded with a Round Table discussion looking at Ways Forward
for Patient and Professonials’ Partnerships in Healthcare” Chaired by Terje Peetso, Policy Officer, Unit H1 Health and Wellbeing, DG CONNECT, EC. The panel discussion opened with an Introduction from Walter Atzori, SUSTAINS, European Patients Forum, Brussels, Belgium on some of the key issues of interactive online services from a user perspective including managing informed consent, masking sensitive data,  and how best to convey "bad news".

Panellists contributing to the discussion were:

Ana Carriazo, PALANTE Coordinator, Servicio Andaluz de Salud, Seville, Spain
David Garwood, SUSTAINS, EHTEL Patient Group, Brussels, Belgium
John Oates, SUSTAINS, HIM SA, Brussels, Belgium
Jess Vogt, PALANTE Evaluation WP, empirica, Bonn, Germany

Copies of the presentations can be downloaded as a .zip file at Public documents

Terje Peetso addresses the event regarding EU Strategy and Patient Empowerment
6 November 2013
SUSTAINS Joins With PALANTE in A Mid-Term Conference

The end of November saw a very successful event organised by PALANTE and supported by SUSTAINS as a mid-term event to share progress, news and views between the two projects.

The event took place in the conference facilities of the Committee of the Regions in Brussels and consisted of a number of presentations and interactive sessions under the heading of, “Addressing eHealth Innovation Challenges – Empowering patients”.

Presentations were provided by:

• Prof. Mikko Nenonen - Empowering Patients and Professionals; the Role of eHealth
• Dr Terje Peetso - The EU Strategy for Empowering Patients
• Walter Atzori - eHealth and patient empowerment
• Panel discussion 1; Manuel Aguilar Diosdado
• Panel discussion 2; Erdem Alpay
• Panel discussion 3; Kelli Podosvilev
• Panel discussion 4; Ingrid Heitmann

Kelli Podosvilev outlines the Estonian project experience

Delegates engaging in the "speed dating" session

In addition, delegates enjoyed a “speed dating” session where they were actively encouraged to meet new contacts and to share challenges, innovations and solutions in the areas of “Engaging professional staff”, “building trust with patients” and “Developing the correct environment for patient empowerment”.

The session concluded with an probing interview with Ana Carriazo and Benny Eklund, the two project co-ordinators supplemented by questions from the audience.

Ana Carriazo and Benny Eklund are interviewed by Paul Giepmans
Copies of the all presentations are available at the Palante Project as Open Access Documents Second Year