Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia ZZZS

The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS) was founded in 1992. The Institute conducts its business as a public institute, and provides compulsory health insurance. The Institute’s principal task is to provide effective collection (mobilisation) and distribution (allocation) of public funds, in order to ensure the insured persons quality rights arising from the said funds. The benefits basket arising from compulsory health insurance, furnished by the funds collected by means of compulsory insurance contributions, comprise the rights to healthcare services and rights to several financial benefits.

The Institute has a leading role in promotion and implementation of informatics in Slovenian healthcare. The health insurance card system, introduced by Institute, is augmenting the presence of information technology in the Slovene healthcare and is establishing an efficient (virtual) network between the various subjects of the healthcare and health insurance sphere. In 2009 Institute introduced new on-line system which enables healthcare providers to instantly check a patient’s health insurance status and allows for health claims to be processed online.

At the moment, the Slovenian citizens cannot personally access data in their EHR, because the appropriate infrastructure is not established nor is EHR fully guaranteed yet. The citizens are gradually becoming more aware that being acquainted with the EHR data is of key importance for their healthy and full life. HIIS and the Ministry of Health strive to establish many elements, which will enable the citizens to acquire more responsibility in this area.

Hence, the solutions heading in two main directions are being planned on the basis of the established infrastructure and previously gained experiences:

  • to enable all HIC holders the access to a related to healthcare and health insurance data stored centrally via the public Internet network;

  • to gradually develop new solutions and with these solutions progressively upgrade EHR. Thus, the current paper record will be gradually upgraded into a standardised electronic record or EHR.