The following list contains links to relevant projects and websites relevant to the SUSTAINS project:

The PALANTE project has similar aims and objectives to the SUSTAINS project but has a focus on telemdicine and chronic conditions

The work undertaken by the SUSTAINS project supports Action 75 of the Digital Agenda for Europe: "Give Europeans secure online access to their medical health data and achieve widespread telemedicine deployment" Web Page

epSOS aims to design, build and evaluate a service infrastructure that demonstrates cross-border interoperability between electronic health record systems in Europe. SUSTAINS complements the epSOS activity by allowing citizens to print out medication information which could be useful in case they need to consult a medical doctor or buy a drug while abroad on business or for leisure and where the full epSOS summary is not yet available.  Home Page


Medical Protection Society Report: Online Medical Records and the Doctor - Patient Relationship Online Report Personal Health Records - Putting patients in control? Download Link