SUSTAINS aims to make online access by citizens to their EHR a reality, capitalising upon the experience of some of the Consortium members who have been pioneers in this area.

Pure online access will be complemented with an array of services which, on the one hand, will render interaction with their EHR appealing to the citizens and, on the other hand, will fundamentally change the role of the citizen/patient in the management of his/her health and in the treatment of the diseases he/she might suffer from.

The background to the SUSTAINS project has three drivers that SUSTAINS contributes to.These can be summarised as:

1. Empowerment of patients
There is a growing tendency by patients and the public to question information from the health system, ask for a second opinion, demand respect and dignity in their treatment Patients also demand a more active role in the management of their health condition. Giving them proactive access to their EHR contribute to meeting such a demand and promote patient empowerment.

2. Medical results
Progress in treatment especially of chronic diseases need efficient and continuous contact between the patient and the professionals in order to achieve optimal medical result.

3. Efficiency and economy
With the new treatments available, and the growing demand from patients / public, there is a need for improved efficiency and economy.

The projects aims to measure the impact of the SUSTAINS services for patient access in all three of these areas.