Online access to Health and healthcare information

Print out drug and lab list before travelling abroad or outside region

This is a stop-gap service which will be useful until the Patient Summary under development in the framework of epSOS is fully developed, implemented and deployed EU-wide. This allows citizens to print out the latest information which could be useful in case they need to consult a medical doctor or buy a drug while abroad on business or for leisure.

The aim and benefit of the service is to avoid as much as possible medical errors and wrong prescriptions because of non-existent or incomplete information about the patient. Translation and interoperability issues will not be addressed for this service because they are already being taken care of in epSOS.
Consult audit trail

Citizens are by far the best policepersons for controlling who has viewed their EHR, because nobody knows better than them whether a person did or did not have the right / need to view their data at that precise point in time. The service provides citizens with an easy-to-use audit trail which tells them who and when has accessed their EHR. Local laws specify the measures that citizens can invoke in case of unauthorised access to their personal medical data.
Track referrals

This service allows citizens to track a referral to a specialist or a diagnostic examination when direct booking of an appointment is not permitted for that specific medical act. The service, as in the case of asking a question to a GP, results in a saving of time for the citizen, because He/she can track the referral at any time and not only during the opening hours of the clinic / diagnostic department. The clinics / diagnostic departments equally benefit from the service because staff members are not interrupted by a phone call when they are busy doing other things.
Access to health insurance data

In countries with an insurance-based healthcare system, patients should be aware of their insurance status before they need health services. This status can change for many reasons (for instance because of transition between employers). Insurance status includes information about contribution (or premium) payments and information about the insurance coverage compared to patients’ healthcare needs (e.g. coverage while abroad). The benefit for the citizen is to be informed – at any point in time – about possible inadequacy of their insurance status compared to their healthcare needs, and enable them to take measures to extend it.
Access to data on health services costs

A critical element in containing the expenditure on healthcare is building conscience among the citizens about the costs that they generate for the healthcare system. This service will inform people of the real cost of the healthcare services that they are using. Hopefully, better informed people will be more capable and more willing to make a more appropriate use of the healthcare resources available.