Online Interaction for administrative matters

Book or rebook a consultation/diagnostic exam

This service allows citizens to book an appointment for a medical act. It provides access to the diary of local healthcare providers or to a subset of slots which are made directly available for booking by citizens. In some countries, the booking of consultations with specialists is subject to some restrictions (e.g. referral by the GP). In case the original appointment has to be changed, the citizen is able to cancel of modify it. It is expected that this service, thanks to the flexibility that it offers to schedule and reschedule appointments will reduce the number of DNA (Did Not Attend) and, consequently, will optimise the use of medical expertise available, which is getting an increasingly scarce resource.

Pay a service fee

In many EU Member States, even in those with a public healthcare system in place, consultations and diagnostic exams are not totally free of charge. SUSTAINS will offer the possibility to pay for the service through internet in the same way as people pay today for many services and products on-line through the connection with the electronic payment circuits. This service improves the convenience of the citizen because it avoids the need to execute payments through more traditional and more time consuming means.

Change GP (when moving or similar)

Through this service the citizen can change GP. This service is not necessarily meaningful in all the countries, because in those with an insurance based healthcare system citizens are normally not obliged to choose a GP. Locally, limitations can exist in the freedom of the citizen to change GP. The service will of course implement these rules. The benefits of the service are both for the citizen (better convenience, lowering the threshold) and for Health Authorities (administrative task accomplished by the citizen rather than by Health Authority’s personnel).

Update demographic data

In case of emergency, healthcare professionals must be able to contact close relatives and friends. Data concerning these people can be entered and changed directly by the citizen through this service. As with the service above, the benefit are both for the citizen (better convenience) and for Health Authorities (administrative task accomplished by the citizen rather than by the Health Authority’s personnel).

Delegation of access to family and informal carer by patient power of attorney

This service will enable the patient to grant access to his/her EHR to informal care givers, e.g. relatives, social network, volunteers. It could be important, in particular circumstances, that people other the citizen / patient him/herself can access the EHR, e.g. when the physical or mental conditions of the latter are deteriorating, and there is no guarantee that he/she will be still able to do it.
Consent for the export of EHR data to the epSOS Patient SummaryThis service allows citizens to express their consent for the transfer of essential data from their EHR to the epSOS Patient Summary for cross-border healthcare service provision. Themechanism which allow such a transfer fall outside the scope of SUSTAINS.