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Press Release: Collaboration with the eHealth Governance Initiative

Arsenale IT Press Release

English Translation:

After the first review of the project , it was time to meet in Finland , Lappeenranta , the Project Steering Committee of the SUSTAINS. On 12 and 13 September the steering committee of the partnership project met involving 16 partners from 12 European countries united by the common goal to develop and implement services to ensure that European citizens direct access to their health information online. Objective priorities dictated that declines in the European Digital Agenda which promotes the use of ICT to support the economic recovery and a sustainable digital future for the entire European citizenship.

The Local Health Unit 8 of Asolo , Veneto Region is in the project , with the support of Arsenàl.IT is finalizing the implementation of some of the online services provided to users by the European project . The company Local Health Unit 8 was chosen as the pilot site just because it has a long experience in the specific field , being the first ulss in Veneto that has given citizens access to their health dossier and certain related services. The project is expected to implement services such as online payment of social and health services , particularly for specialist visits, or data integration . Sustains represents in this sense a real test case for understanding the potential of these services to the citizens , in essence a real test with a view to the implementation of the Regional Electronic Health Record .

Regarding the Veneto, the first review of the project found a good level of achievement of the objectives laid down in the first year of the project which will end in late 2014. Most of the activities from now on is focused on testing the last of the services implemented and the evaluation of their use . All this is to facilitate the achievement of the main objective of the company sustains partners , as well as the regional health system Veneto : the realization of regional Electronic Health Record.