Project Activity


Summary Table of Recent Partner Activity

The following table summarises recent activity by members of the SUSTAINS Consortium (including publications) during recent months

May 2014 - SUSTAINS Announces a Successful Collaboration with the eHealth Governance Initiative

SUSTAINS Deployment Showcased By Eksote in Lappeenranta, Finland

On 7th and  8th of May 2014 a big Social and Healthcare event was held in Lappeenranta.  The event was organized by The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) which is a research and development Institute operating under the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. This event occurs every year but this was the first time in Lappeenranta, and South Karelia Social and Sealthcare District were one of the organizers in the event.

On the stand was information about different kinds of deployment projects including SUSTAINS. The event was attended by over 600 visitors and also many health care policy makers and political policy makers.  The stand was very popular and the event visitors were very interested in the deployment projects and e-services.

Marjukka Ervelius and Henna Granqvist on the Eksote Stand

Asolo Moves Forward: The new EHR of LHA of Asolo will soon be available to citizens as well as physicians

SUSTAINS services are currently being used by healthcare professionals in the Asolo Region and it will be soon accessible also to all the other LHA physicians.  Citizens were selected to switch to the new PHR and provide their first feedback and reactions to the project team before migrating the whole user population.

The new PHR will introduce the following new Sustains features:

• Updates to phone number and name of close relatives
• Ability to consult the audit trail
• Masking of sensitive data
• Patient’s input into the EHR

Implementation of all services completed in Basque Country

With the implementation of the services “Patient Diary”, “Upload documents from PHR to EHR”, “Messages to the Patient” and  “Ask a question to a physician/nurse”, the pilot site Basque Country finished the design and development of all Sustains Services in early 2014.

Promotion of SUSTAINS continues in the Region.

Usage of SUSTAINS Services Provided to Citizens via the Estonian National Patient Portal is Increasing

The Estonian eHealth Foundation has launched its new national patient portal with SUSTAINS services (illustrated below)


Citizens have logged in to the new national patient portal from more than 50 different counties all over the world (Figure 3).  Most often people are logging in to the new national patient portal from Estonia (46 810 visits from total 48 281).  Finland (431 visits), United States (141 visits) and Sweden (116 visits) were the main three foreign countries from where citizens entered to the new national patient portal.

The number of queries made in the new national portal from June to December are shown below.


New Investment in Southern Denmark

The Region of Southern Denmark has made new investments in the COSMIC Connect Patient Services of Cambio. This is a Patient Intformation Self Service system that has a number of interfaces, which are used from external services. The functions of these interfaces are

o        Patient card update of email address, phone number and relative

o        The patient can give comments to the medical record.

o        Create healthcare declaration

In addition, SUSTAINS has become a part of Odense University Hospital's action plan for specific initiatives to improve patient perceived quality and is also included as part of RSD's 'Patient adherence in Southern Denmark.'

SUSTAINS: Two Consortium Members become Prizewinners

In late 2013 two members of the SUSTAINS Consortium became the winners of prestigious national prizes for ICT in healthcare

Sustains, giving citizens online access to their electronic health records, has won the ‘Grand Prize’ for being the best ICT in healthcare-project in Sweden.

The Sustains eHealth service, managed by the County Council of Uppsala, is an increasing success in Sweden. Since it took off about one year ago, the service registered over 40,000 users who are now utilising access to their personal health records and other administrative services. This way, patients are more empowered and involved in their treatment. The project coordinators were delighted to be awarded for their efforts. On 27 November they received the prize out of the hands from a representative of the Swedish Ministry of Health.

It is worth emphasising that the ‘Grand Prize’ is organised every year by two Swedish magazines, Computer Sweden and Dagens Medicin. It is considered to be the most important prize for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in healthcare in Sweden.

In November, our partners from region País Vasco received the BIC-Best In Class 2013 award, recognizing their Osarean (SUSTAINS) online services as the best e-health project within the Spanish health system. The promoters of the award, publication Gaceta Médica and the King Juan Carlos University,  have highlighted the paradigm shift that Osarean has introduced in the Basque healthcare system. The consolidation and integration of these services within the day to day healthcare practice, as well as their contribution to the safety of the patients and the sustainability of the healthcare system, are features that have deserved such award.

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