Promotional Material

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The SUSTAINS Project Leaflets

As part of its dissemination and promotional activities to inform all interested parties of its work, SUSTAINS has a standardised leaflet format for use by all of its partners. The front page (see left) provides general information about the project while individual partners provide specific information about their work. An example from Estonia is printed here.

In addition to pilot specific leaflets, multi language copies of a leaflet describing the SUSTAINS project and its objective have also been produced.

Copies of all available leaflets can be downloaded here: Public documents Dissemination: Downloads.

Basque Country Information Leaflets

With the aim of increasing the awareness of both citizens and professionals of the benefits that the use of Sustains services can provide, we have taken two specific actions in late 2013. On one hand, Osarean has prepared a leaflet for citizens that has been distributed in Primary Care Centers. In addition, it has prepared an information sheet for professionals that was distributed by Regional Health Area Managers and Integrated Health Organizations. An example is shown below and copies are available at Public documents Dissemination Downloads