Public documents

Work package 1, Project Co-ordination, Management and Quality Assurance
D1.10 v1.1 SUSTAINS Public final report

Work package 2, Dissemination: Downloads
D2.1 v2.0 SUSTAINS Dissemination Plan.pdf
D2.2 v1.0 Sustains website
D2.3 SUSTAINS_Information_Card_(English)
D2.3 SUSTAINS Pilot_Leaflet_Aragon
D2.3 SUSTAINS Pilot_Leaflet_Aragon (Spanish version)
D2.3 SUSTAINS Pilot_Leaflet_Basque Country
D2.3 SUSTAINS Pilot_Leaflet_Estonia
D2.3 SUSTAINS Pilot_Leaflet_Finland
D2.3 SUSTAINS_Information_Card_(Basque)
D2.3 SUSTAINS_Information_Card_(Danish)
D2.3 SUSTAINS_Information_Card_(Finland)
D2.3 SUSTAINS_Information_Card_(Greek)
D2.3 SUSTAINS_Information_Card_(Spanish)
D2.3 SUSTAINS_Information_Card_(Swedish)
Media Briefing Pack
D2.4 Annex 1 – PALANTE Joint workshop Presentations
D2.6 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final Conference
Basque Country Citizen Information Leaflet
Basque Country Carpeta Information Poster
SUSTAINS Press Release4_detail.docx
Press Release Condensed.docx
Final Conference - Introduction by Benny Eklund
Final Conference - Estonian Presentation
Final Conference - Presentation from Finland
Final Conference - Walter Atzori (EPF) Benefits of Interactive Health Care
Leaflet2_Project Briefing

Work package 3, Evaluation and Deployment Planning
D3.2 v1.0 Questionnaire for Patient Empowerment Assessment.pdf
D3.5 v1.0 Sustains Questionnaire for professional user satisfaction survey.pdf
D3.8 v1.0 SUSTAINS Intermediate Pilot Evaluation Report
D3.10 v1.1 SUSTAINS Final Pilot Evaluation Report
D3.11 v1.1 SUSTAINS Assessment of Patient Empowerment
D3.12 v1.0 SUSTAINS Deployment plan
D3.13 v1.1 SUSTAINS HCP user satisfaction
D3.14 v1.1 SUSTAINS User Acceptance

Work package 4, User requirements, patient empowerment and Use Cases
D4.1 v1.0 Sustains User Requirements Recommendations.pdf
D4.2 v1.0 SUSTAINS Use Cases.pdf
D4.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS User Requirements Recommendations - Follow-up
D4.4 v1.0 SUSTAINS Use Cases version 2

Work package 5, Security, privacy and ethical issues
D5.1 v1.0 SUSTAINS Report on security and privacy issues.pdf
D5.1 v3.0 SUSTAINS Report on security and privacy issues
D5.1 v5.0 SUSTAINS Report on security and privacy issues
D5.2 v1.0 SUSTAINS Recommendations on security and privacy.pdf
D5.4 v1.0 SUSTAINS Recommendations on security and privacy version 3

Work Package 6, Real life pilot in Uppsala
D6.4 v1.0 SUSTAINS Uppsala patient questionnaire.pdf
D6.1 v1.1 SUSTAINS Intermediate trial evaluation - Uppsala
D6.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final trial evaluation - Uppsala

Work Package 7, Real life pilot in Veneto
D7.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final trial evaluation - Asolo (Veneto)

Work Package 8, Real life pilot in Aragon
D8.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final Pilot Evaluation - Aragon

Work Package 9, Real life pilot in País Vasco
D9.3 v1.1 SUSTAINS Final trial evaluation - Basque Country

Work Package 10, Real life pilot in Estonia
D10.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final evaluation report - Estonia

Work Package 11, Real life pilot in Scotland
D11.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final evaluation - Scotland

Work Package 12, Real life pilot in Central Greece
D12.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final trial evaluation - Central Greece

Work Package 13, Real life pilot in Syddanmark
D13.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final trial evaluation - RSD
D13.3 Annex 1 Produktblad COSMIC Connect Patient Services

Work Package 14, Real life pilot in Norrbotten
D14.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final trial evaluation - CCN

Work Package 15, Real life pilot in South Karelia
D15.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final trial evaluation - South Karelia

Work Package 16, Real life pilot in Slovenia
D16.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Final trial evaluation - Slovenia

Work Package 17, Liaison with other synergic initiatives and sharing of best practices
D17.2 v1.0 SUSTAINS Sharing lessons learned - version 2
D17.3 v1.0 SUSTAINS Sharing lessons learned - Version 4
D17.4 v1.0 SUSTAINS Synergic actions towards EU initiatives
D17.5 v1.0 SUSTAINS Report on non-EU initiatives