European Reserach Consortium regarding Patiend Centred IT named E-PACEIT

Several organisations from the SUSTAINS project have been involved in working with a European Reserach Consortium regarding Patiend Centred IT named E-PACEIT that has been coordinated by Mats Daniels ( from Uppsala University.

The aim of the E-PACEIT consortium is to coordinate and do research on implementation of eHealth services for patients in the SUSTAINS project.

The partners in the E-PACEIT consortium are:
Uppsala University, Sweden, Mats Daniels
Lund University, Sweden, Gudbrjörg Erlingsdottir
Skövde University, Sweden, Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt
National Health Service of Scotland – United Kingdom, Richard Phelps
The 5th Regional Health Authority of Central Greece, Athanasios Ballis
BIOEF (Basque Country Foundation for Health Innovation and Research), Josu Xabier Llano Hernaiz
County Council of Uppsala, Benny Eklund and Leif Lyttkens
Estonian eHealth Foundation, Kelli Podošvilev and Peeter Ross

The work in E-PACEIT has so far included meetings in connection to the SUSTAINS meetings, and one full day workshop in Estonia. The E-PACEIT consortium will both serve as a platform for supporting relevant funding applications among its members and to make applications in its own name, and thus function as a focal point for research based on the SUSTAINS project.

DOME is a collaborative project between the University of Lund, University of Skövde and Uppsala University. The DOME-project is funded by VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

The purpose of the DOME project is to build up knowledge about the implementation and use of e-health services based on studies of e-health projects. The DOME project has research collaboration with the parners of a European implementation projects focusing on eHealth services, SUSTAINS. We also collaborate with two additional counties. The SUSTAINS project is an EU project with the County Council of Uppsala (LUL) as the coordinator of 16 partners in 11 countries. In the autumn of 2012 LUL gave all patients in the county access to their own medical records, and a number of other e-health services online. They are the first county in Sweden to offer this eHealth service. Norrbotten County Council are also a part of SUSTAINS and they are also working with the development of different eHealth services.

The DOME project has twenty organizations participating as reference groups to the project at different levels. The goal of the reference groups is to help the DOME to understand and highlight the problems and possibilities with eHealth services from different perspectives. The goal is also to influence the development of eHealth services, and to take part of the research we are doing in the project. A specific goal of the research is to create a better basis for future introduction of eHealth services. The project aims at developing guidelines or recommendations for the introduction of new and/or improved e-health services in the health care. Experiences made in the DOME project will be disseminated through all available channels.

The DOME project will do reserach in three work packages (WP). Theses are developed in more detail at the Dome web site:
Web site Dome project